Our dams are true working dogs. We ensure that no dog is used in this stud unless it has proved itself able to work all stock, ewes, lambs, rams, cattle. Our dogs have also proved themselves in 23 different countries working sheep, cattle, goats, pigs and reindeer. We ourselves have camped with the Sami people in the Arctic and helped them with reindeer calf marking.

Avenpart Ilka

Sire: Avenpart Zondo(AI)

Dam: Avenpart Gellybean

She was born 5th November 2020.

Avenpart Zoe

Sire: Bidgee Combe

Dam: Avenpart Verve

Age: Born 7th August 2022

A wide casting bitch with medium eye, good walk up. Will bark anywhere on command and backs freely. Always ready to please.


Avenpart Flinne

Sire: Avenpart Zeus

Dam: Avenpart Radbury

Age: Born 26th August 2020


This bitch is worked by Emma McCrabb on “North Bundy” and is wide casting, medium eyed and has plenty of free bark and backing ability in the yard. Not had the opportunity to work cattle yet.

Avenpart Sascha

Sire: O’Brees Gamble

Dam: Avenpart Yoshi

This bitch has been one of Peter McCrabb’s top working dogs, paddock and yard worked at home and in Queensland.  Wide cast in the paddock and can load a truck in the yard.

Avenpart Gemma

Sire: Avenpart King 1st

Dam: Avenpart Brat

Born 21st July 2016: Worked by Ken. A fast casting bitch with bark and backing ability.


Avenpart Verve

Sire: Avenpart Maximus

Dam: Avenpart Stormy

A wide casting red/tan bitch with strong eye. She is a free backer and has plenty of bark.   She is still young and so far has done limited station work.

Will work cattle.

Avenpart Pecan

Sire: Avenpart Wump

Dam: Avenpart Pattience

Owned and worked by the McCrabb family at North Bundy. A lovely natured
bitch with medium eye, good cast. plenty of bark and natural backing ability.

A granddaughter of Avenpart Zondo.


Avenpart Finne

Sire: Boanong Tommy

Dam: Avenpart Sascha

This bitch is owned and worked by Peter McCrabb and family.   She is wide casting, has backing ability and bark in the yard. She has done station work in Queensland and on the home property at North Bundy.


Avenpart Jessica

Sire: Avenpart King 1st

Dam: Avenpart Gellybean

Born 2nd February 2017: A wide casting paddock bitch with plenty of bark in the yard. Starting to back already.


Avenpart Gellybean

Sire: Avenpart Maximus

Dam: Avenpart Stormy

Gelly is a lovely natured red/tan with a very wide cast, medium eye, good distance off her stock, will walk in when asked and will work in the yards with bark, starting to back. She has been three sheep trialled and is showing promise.

Done a lot of station work. Very good with weaner sheep.

Avenpart Astra

 Sire: Avenpart Wump

Dam: Avenpart Lesky

A wide casting black/tan bitch, with medium eye, good cover, calm nature. Particularly good mustering bitch in the scrub. Good natural distance off her stock. Will push when asked.

Will back in the yard and will work cattle. She has done a lot of station work.


Avenpart Uno

Sire: Avenpart Wump

Dam: Avenpart Pilly

Uno is a wide casting paddock bitch with medium eye and good natural distance off her stock. She has a nice nature but can be a bit arrogant. Purchased back into the stud from James Osborne who managed Barratta Station, Deniliquin.

She is a natural backer with a big deep bark. Works cattle well.

Avenpart Stormy

Sire: Cottonwood Matt
Dam: Avenpart Brat

The only bitch out of this mating – a medium eyed paddock dog and a very steady worker, who breeds on better than herself. Stormy has been joined to Avenpart Maximus (s: Hallidays Boxer x d: Avenpart Grand) on several occasions and the pups from this combination, have matured into some of the best dogs we have bred to date.

Pups from this combination exported to the UK and Europe are:

  • Avenpart Budd exported to the Devonairs Stud in England
  • Avenpart Breezz exported to France
  • Avenpart Gabriellaa exported to Kevin Reeves, Lyndhurst Kelpie Stud in the UK and prior to leaving Australia she was joined to Avenpart Vance – she successfully whelped three pups. We have retained a son Avenpart Gambler and two daughters Avenpart Gellybean and Avenpart Verve in the Stud. We have visited Europe recently to view the exports from our stud in working conditions and were very happy with their progress and ability.

Avenpart Ypres

Sire: Boongara Conargo

Dam: Avenpart Sascha

Kez is worked by Peter McCrabb and family on North Bundy. She is wide casting and steady in the paddock and is a natural backer with plenty of bark. Particularly good on cattle will nose bite and heel when necessary.

Avenpart Xenoba

Sire: Puzzle Chevy

Dam: Avenpart Astra

Born 20/3/2012 This bitch is Ken McCrabb s main working dog. She has
medium eye is a fairly close worker and has bark on command in the yard