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Avenpart Radical, Avenpart Eveready, Avenpart Zeus and Avenpart Dom working our weaned shorthorns at the start of 2022

5 generations of Avenpart Kelpies in Holland

In the picture below from left to right:

Avenpart Macy Gray, 14 years

Macy’s daughter – Heathland (ND) Anna, 10 years

Anna’s daughter – Cahoots (ND) Floss, 7 years

Floss’ daughter – Cahoots (ND) Goolara (Sue), 4 years

Sue’s daughter by Avenpart Maximus – Goolara (ND) Allira Purple Haze (Haze), 6 months

Avenpart Zondo Semen

On the 5th of November 2020 a litter was born out of Avenpart Gellybean to Avenpart Zondo AI. His semen for this joining is 31 years old. 6 pups born. 4 pups surviving and are all going well, they are about to be weaned.

2020 Export Semen News

Semen of Avenpart Gambler was sent to South Africa and Queensland this year with a nice litter of six pups born to Karmala Cherry in South Africa and the litter in QLD is due shortly.  Avenpart have also just exported semen of Avenpart Maximus and Avenpart Zeus to...