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Avenpart has had a very sad 2023 with the loss of Verve and Gellybean early to blue green algae poisoning from flood water. Later we lost our old sire Av. Zeus to a heart attack. At the end of November our young sire Av. Eveready was run over by a motorist ignoring more than adequate signage on the Cobb Highway whilst droving more that 2,000 Merino lambs over the Wanganella Bridge.   We are lucky to have their semen in storage.

Photo: Avenpart Eveready

Video: Drove of 2,000 Merino lambs over the Wanganella Bridge

Photo: Avenpart Zeus

Avenpart Crackerr (Native Hut Riggs(Digga) x Av. Ilka(Av. Zondo AI x  Av. Gellybean) is shaping up to be an all round worker and will be retained in the stud.Also Av. Candelo(Chook) a full sister to Crackerr worked by Emma McCrabb on North Bundy is showing promise.

Avenpart Doms progeny are working well in several different countries. This is a photo of one of his grandsons in Nova Scotia.We have some nice young bitches by him retained in the stud.Av. Dram, Av,Bena, Av.Viney

We just received news from Heidi Lederman in Switzerland that her Avenpart Kelpie, Dell whom she received in 2008 passed away on the 4/1/2024. She was worked on sheep.

Avenpart Wildfire at her new home in Virginia, USA in October 2022.

“She is really cute, super active and athletic.  She seems biddable and interested in working and learning.  She loves her new family and just wants to interact with everyone and everything.  Thanks for selecting her for us.  And SUPER thanks for all your time and effort on getting her to the USA”

Avenpart Dom’s Genetics to Canada 

Semen from Avenpart Dom was exported to a breeder in Canada in 2022 and joined to Nomak Sophie (Bidgee Comb x Avenpart Stormy)




Photos to the right and below are of Bidgee Comb and Avenpart Vesnina working on Stuart Iddles Dairy Farm.   I leased Vesnina for a litter by Bidgee Comb and I have kept a dog out of a previous litter by Bidgee Comb x Avenpart Verve to keep in the Stud. Avenpart Eveready.

     One of Colins employees breeds and trains Clydesdale horses and he brought them out to Avenel to camp on the creek for Easter. The weather is magnificent so we were all treated for a ride around the village this morning.

       We would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Very Happy Easter for 2022.


Mary and Ken

Avenpart Radical, Avenpart Eveready, Avenpart Zeus and Avenpart Dom working our weaned shorthorns at the start of 2022

5 generations of Avenpart Kelpies in Holland

In the picture below from left to right:

Avenpart Macy Gray, 14 years

Macy’s daughter – Heathland (ND) Anna, 10 years

Anna’s daughter – Cahoots (ND) Floss, 7 years

Floss’ daughter – Cahoots (ND) Goolara (Sue), 4 years

Sue’s daughter by Avenpart Maximus – Goolara (ND) Allira Purple Haze (Haze), 6 months

Avenpart Zondo Semen

On the 5th of November 2020 a litter was born out of Avenpart Gellybean to Avenpart Zondo AI. His semen for this joining is 31 years old. 6 pups born. 4 pups surviving and are all going well, they are about to be weaned.

2020 Export Semen News

Semen of Avenpart Gambler was sent to South Africa and Queensland this year with a nice litter of six pups born to Karmala Cherry in South Africa and the litter in QLD is due shortly.  Avenpart have also just exported semen of Avenpart Maximus and Avenpart Zeus to...