Client Feedback
Jael Berlingeri, Ontario Canada 

Avenpart Reign

We are thrilled with Reign. She is very social and outgoing. She is always keen to learn new things. She has determination when she has her mind set on something.
Looking forward to continuing her agility and herding training.


  “I have nothing but great things to say about my experiences with Avenpart Kelpies and my dealings with Mary. It started in 2019 when I imported Sophie (Avenpart StormyxBidgee Comb) to Canada. In 2022, Sophie was successfully bred with Avenpart Dom producing seven beautiful pupsMary made exporting semen from Australia to Canada seamless, even with all the extra paperwork! The pups are now nine months old and thriving in their new homes. I have had so much positive feedback from owners regarding their pup’s temperament, confidence and eagerness to work or play. 

Pictured below is Tempest, the female I kept from the breedingShe is a lovely natured pup who showed early natural instinct on sheep. She tends to keep a nice natural distance off stock and I look forward to continued training with her. 

Avenpart Tempest

PETER and Marsha CLARKSON usa

Once again Mirage will be invited to the AKC Invitational Agility Event in Florida in December.  But this year she is the #1 ranked kelpie attending.  Attached is a photo showing the top 15 kelpies in AKC Agility and highlighting that she is #1.

PETER and Marsha CLARKSON usa

Avenpart Mirage and Avenpart Wildfire

Avenpart Mirage Testamonial Update:

Mirage receiving her Master Agility Champion award from the American Kennel Club. It us customary to receive a jump bar which is then signed by all your friends. I am so happy with her! She is a great dog.  (Pictured on right)                                                    

Avenpart Wildfire: 

Wildfire is full of personality.  I can see why you enjoyed her.  She is very handsome.  She is small for a Kelpie which I like.  I also like that she does not bark while working.  She is extremely intelligent and loves to learn.  Although we are still doing basic training, she appears to be super agile. As a youngster I taught her tricks to occupy her mind. I submitted them for approval by an AKC Trick Dog evaluator. At seven months she has received her Novice Trick Dog and Intermediate Trick Dog titles. I probably won’t continue this venue though, as I now want to focus on Agility skills. You can just see the intelligence in her eyes!

Avenpart Wildfire delivered October 2022 to USA (Pictured below).

Kylie and Jack Stewart-Moore – Dunluce Kelpies au

“We first started working with Mary and Ken in 2018, and have since incorporated Avenpart genetics into our working team of kelpies. We are based in North QLD, and have Avenpart progeny permanently stationed on two properties, one 130,000acres west of Hughenden, and the other 115,000acres north of Mt Surprise. In our operation, we use kelpies to educate between 5000-7000 homebred and purchased young cattle each year. Our dogs are also used regularly to help with general mustering work, especially in timber and basalt rock where bike and horse access can be limited.

 We find the Avenpart lines to be very adaptable and strong, with a natural desire to work and biddable personalities. Having a consistent line of dogs is important to us, and these bloodlines have been incredibly easy to train and hard to fault. The pups have been switched on from a very young age, and have matured into stylish, athletic dogs that anticipate a mob’s movements impeccably and can show force when need be. They have plenty of presence, no vices, and are the perfect line for us to incorporate into our operation. Mary was incredibly helpful when choosing which lines would suit the type of work we do, and is a constant source of information. We would highly recommend Avenpart Kelpies to any business using dogs to educate and benefit their cattle.”  


Avenpart Wump puppies from a Semen Sale

Mary the pups are beautiful. Faith is here at Dunluce with me, she’s a very strong dog and always in the right place. I found they the two dogs together were really strong (and I normally have an all female team), and so I have sent Rex up to Burlington. The Burlington Manager, Mark, is really good with dogs and loves him. He’s still my dog but I have let Mark use him for any time that he is employed with us (he’s been with us 5 years and I don’t think has any plans to leave any time soon). In the timber up there the two dogs will head out and find cattle and bring them back toward where they saw me last – they’ve got lots of natural instinct. Faith has just helped educate about 2500 weaners for the round. She is still mainly in the paddock, I don’t use younger dogs in the yards too much as I find they get confused cutting between mobs, but she’s very good at blocking and holding a mob together, and creating movement in the right direction – can’t ask much more than that.

Semen delivered in 2021.

JO Picker au

Avenpart Zic (Digger)

I’ve owned him for just 12 months after my father sold his farm. We’ve started training with Bungendore Sheep herding group and I just want to commend you on your breeding.

He is a wonderful dog who is a pleasure to work with

Avenpart Zic
 (Puzzle Chevy x Avenpart Orianna)

Owned by Jo Picker since March 2021



Avenpart Telstroy (Roy)

I’d just like to thank you again for all your help with selecting Roy for me.

He’s a great little pup, a really well-rounded pup in temperament, which is a credit to you and your processes with your dogs and breeding. He’s settled in really well here and has taken to his new home like a duck to water!

I am absolutely stoked with him and can’t wait to have a look at him on stock!

Avenpart Telstroy (Avenpart Dom x Avenpart Rialta)
Owned by James Harradine, of Western Australia.
Delivered July 2022.

nicola taylOR 🇨🇦

Avenpart Tulloch (Tully)

Tully is doing amazing and I absolutely adore him.

We entered an arena trial this past weekend — cows one day and sheep the next!

He was amazing and I’m so enjoying working with him!

Avenpart Tulloch
(Avenpart Dom x Avenpart Jessica)
Owned by Nicola Taylor, of British Columbia.
Exported 2019.



“We truly can’t fault our dog from Avenel! He is absolutely beautiful and an asset to our farm & family.” 


Peter Clarkson 

Mirage (USA)

She is a really wonderful animal.  Smart, funny, full of personality, athletic and biddable.  She is an agility star and is doing really well.  She loves the sport and works really well with Marsha.

Attached is a wonderful picture of Mirage.  It is a montage that overlays each of her steps through a set of weave poles at a recent agility competition.  In the first set of poles she is angry as weave poles slow her down – but she is determined to get through.  In frame #4 she is barking at Marsha telling she is almost there and Marsha needs to get going and direct her to the next obstacle.  In frame #6 (my favorite) she is in launch position, haunches tight, muscles rippling, ears up and supremely focused on roaring out to the next obstacle.  She is wicked fast and has become an audience favorite.

Mirage was at the AKC National Agility competition in Florida in April 2022 where the top dogs in the US competed.  Mirage was great.  She is “flashy” and numerous people approached Marsha on Mirage’s background.

AI Zondo

Two videos of the Avenpart Zondo (31-year semen) x Avenpart Gellybean AI pup Avenpart Iron (Nori) working under John Agnews instruction at seven months old



Avenpart Iron (Nori) 7 months old

Matt Letcher

Matt has sent some videos through of him working Meg (Bidgee/Verve pup) at 6 & 10 months.



6 months old Yard Work

6 months old Paddock Work

10 months old Paddock Work

AI Zondo

John Agnew starting the 4 month old AI Zondo dog pup on sheep for us.




Marsha Clarkson (USA)

“ I felt it was time to write you “in person” to tell you that I am over the moon with Mirage, the pup you sent us just over two years ago.  I could not have asked for a better dog.  She is incredibly biddable, superbly agile and, most of all, so sweet.  She is a joy to work  with.  I remember Peter asked how you chose her and you said the she was the one that followed you around all the time.  Apparently that was the right way to make the selection — she popped out of the crate at the airport with a smile on her face and we have not looked back since.

I have seen pictures of Tully, the Gellybean pup that you sent to Nicky Snook and Meghan Thacker and I see a physical resemblance.  I know they are very pleased with him also.

I would not hesitate to recommend Avenpart to any potential buyer. Your dogs are great and you personally were so pleasant to deal with.  I hope that you will continue your breeding program so that when we are ready for our next pup, we can get one from Avenpart”.

Kind regards,

Marsha Clarkson

Peter – 2019

Mirage (USA)

“Hi Mary & Ken

We got your brochure and it was fun to see Mirage on it.  She is doing well in her herding work.  She has a strong eye and does a good job at directing the sheep.  Her outruns are fast but collected and she listens to directions and commands.  She will not really push or grip a challenging sheep yet, but we think that will come.

Now to agility.  In the North America and Europe Agility is a big sport with important competitions televised nationally.  There are multiple agility venues each with different rules and competing processes.  Within a venue there are different Levels (e.g. Novice, Open, Excellent, Masters) that get progressively harder to earn.  Within a Level there are Titles for the style of course e.g. Jumpers for a course of jumps and tunnels, Standard for a course with all the obstacles, etc.  One gets through a Title by earning a number of Q’s (qualifying rounds) in a competition.  A qualifying round is judged on the basis of faults (knocks a jump bar), course compliance (goes off course) and time.

As you may recall Mirage had surgery last summer for her shoulder.  With that and the recovery she was basically off training for 5 months and so started a little late.  Since then, Marsha has done a terrific job training her and Mirage has made up for lost time progressing past dogs that are 6-12 months older than she is.  She seems to enjoy it, is very biddable and is super fast.  Marsha’s instructor, who has been on the US World Agility Team several times, thinks she is a talented and very fast dog.



The key behind a fast dog is that the handler needs to be able to send the dog to an obstacle while the handler heads off to the next one –  ie. who can outrun a fast dog?  Mirage is very biddable and will go on command to the required obstacle while Marsha heads off to the next one.  As she finishes the obstacle she barks to ask where to go next and to advise Marsha to run faster.  It is quite fun to watch the 2 of them.  She is doing the obstacles well and getting around the course quickly – they are working well as a team.

They have now started competing and they are off to a very strong start.

In 14 rounds, she has earned 12 Q’s, with 11 first places and has secured 3 Titles.

She competes as Avenpart Mirage.  People are noticing her and asking where did she come from.

It will exciting to watch them as a team as Mirage clearly is clearly very talented.”


Poem (USA)

“Hello Mary,
My name is Dominique, I have worked with Eugene and his merinos since 2006. I’ll never forget the day we went to the airport to pick up Poem. I have some very sad news. Eugene died suddenly on May 29th….6 months ago yesterday and we are devastated. I am continuing on with the sheep and Poem lives with me…she just turned 12 on November 21st. She has adapted well to living indoors and being completely spoiled…she stalks the cats relentlessly”

The team at Avenel send Poem and her family our respects and are pleased she and Dominique can carry on the farm together.



“Hi Mary……….this is DIGGA he is a great dog…an all rounder….very calm when working…has push if needed… excellent on ewes and lambs…natural backer….looks like his grand-father??”

Stacey Wilkinson

Avenpart Jackson

“Avenpart Jackson the 1st enjoying cooling off after some cattle work 10 months.”

Peter Clarkson

Mirage Safely in USA

“Mary…You have done a great job.  She seems really marvelous.  She is very outgoing, full of energy and not at all shy.  She seems quite people oriented and happy to be held.  She is affectionate.  She makes good eye contact and seems biddable.  She is clearly smart as she looks at us to understand things, knows her way around the house already and is starting to learn some basic commands and rules.  She seems nicely built.

Thanks so much.  You have been very easy to work with and it was a very good experience for us.  (JetPets was really great as well.)” Peter Clarkson