Our sires are true working dogs. We ensure that no dog is used in this stud unless it has proved itself able to work all stock, ewes, lambs, rams, cattle. Our dogs have also proved themselves in 23 different countries working sheep, cattle, goats, pigs and reindeer. We ourselves have camped with the Sami people in the Arctic and helped them with reindeer calf marking.

Avenpart Gambler

Sire: Avenpart Maximus
Dam: Avenpart Stormy

A wide casting red & tan dog with good cover and strong eye.  Gambler has done a lot of general station work and has some bark in the yard.  He also musters and drives cattle.

Gambler is extremely classy on a few sheep, proving his ability in the Three Sheep Trial Arena having placed 4th in the Novice at Finley and tied for 2nd place at Moulamein in 2016.

Avenpart Radical

Sire: Puzzle Chevy

Dam:  Avenpart Uno

Radical is a big casting black & tan dog with little eye.  He has a lot of push in the paddock and is a very handy droving dog.  He is very forceful in the yards and a free backer and barker. He works cattle well and has done a lot of station work.
Mary has competed with him in a couple of yard trials.

Avenpart Dom

Sire: Doolans Tex
Dam: Avenpart Astra 

Avenpart Dom Born 19/02/2016

This wide casting, medium eyed dog is one of the mainstays of Mary’s Avenpart  working team. He works sheep and cattle and he has a lot of presence on his stock. He will back but Mary does more mustering than yard work these days.

Dom is a proven sire of good all round workers especially when joined to Avenpart Stormy’s progeny.

Tully and Fyre exported to Canada are working sheep and excelling in agility during their Covid confinement.

Semen sold to New Zealand, Holland and Qld.

Avenpart Zeus

Sire: Avenpart Vance
Dam: Avenpart Orianna

Age: 5 Years

Zeus was given to a jackaroo as a pup and before he left, I wanted to buy him back but the jackaroo Cale Rushton went on to use him on various properties. Just recently he left farming to go into the building industry and rang to see if I would like him back.

He is a steady calm dog with a wide cast, good cover and medium eye. He backs freely in the yard and has some bark. He will fit into the Avenpart Stud breeding programme very well.

Avenpart Eveready

Sire: Bidgee Comb
Dam: Avenpart Verve

Age: Born 31st May 2020

A future sire being introduced into the stud.

Avenpart Crackerr

Sire: Native Hut Riggs (Digga)

Dam: Av. Ilka (Av. Zondo AI x Av. Gellybean)

Age: 18th April 2023

Avenpart Crackerr is shaping up to be suitable to be used in the stud. Break out in cast, strong walk up and showing bark on command.


Semen Sires

AVENPART MAXIMUS (Hallidays Boxer x Condover Grand) 
A grandson of Avenpart Zondo

AVENPART WUMP (Halsteds Rex x Cotway Dell)

HALSTEDS REX (Wyreema Rasputin x Avenpart Chloe)

COTTONWOOD MATT (Capree Tex x Cottonwood Polly)

CAPREE TEX (Wyvelloe Nero x Capree Jag)